As summer fades into fall, there’s no better time to get outdoors and enjoy a camping trip with your furry companion! Experience the delight of the changing leaves, a star-filled sky, and a fuzzy blanket keeping you warm in your sleeping bag. But, before you head out into the great outdoors, check out these tips to ensure your camping trip with your pet goes smoothly!


#1: Practice sleeping with your pet in a tent

If your pet has never experienced a tent before, there’s a good chance they will be startled by this odd “house,” which may make sleeping impossible if your four-legged friend cannot relax. So, first set up your tent in your home or yard, and acclimate your pet to entering and sleeping in a tent before you head outdoors. Use positive reinforcement (i.e., tasty treats) to convince your pet the tent is safe to enter, and then encourage them to relax inside, using a food puzzle or stuffed rubber Kong to keep them occupied while resting in the strange contraption. With delicious bribes, you can help your best friend become a perfect camping companion, rather than one who brings the tent down around you.


#2: Keep your pet well away from campfires

Enticed by the scent of roasting hot dogs or other campfire goodies, your four-legged friend may wander too close to your campfire, and scorch their nose, whiskers, or paws. When cooking or enjoying the warmth of the fire, keep a close eye on your pet, or confine them far enough away to prevent accidental injuries.


#3: Protect your pet from wildlife

When venturing into the great outdoors, you may meet some wild animals—they may be beautiful, but don’t get close. Wild animals rarely have the benefit of veterinary care, and may be carrying infectious diseases and a variety of parasites. Ensure your pet’s safety before you go camping by boostering their necessary vaccinations.


Are you planning on camping with your four-legged friend? Contact us and we can make sure that they will be ready to go on their outdoor adventure!